2016 AEV Trauma Hawk Type III Chevrolet G-4500 Diesel

2016 GM, G4500 Cutaway Diesel, 14200, 159″ WB Engine: 6.6 Duramax 6600 Turbo Diesel – G4500 SCR System

Snow Chains: On-Spot, electric Snow Chain Compressor: Located in M6 Compartment

Headroom: 74/72″ Finished Interior – Ducted A/C

Body Drop: 3″ Both Sides, Ahead of Rear Wheels

Light, Compartment: Kinequip #108818C 8″, Strip Light,

LED Ground Lights : (6) Kinequip White 8″ LED lights in skirt rails

Circuit Board, 12V: Multiplex LX1 G3/4500 Back Up Camera: VCCS155 ASA, Tied to LX-1 system

Rear Digital Thermostat/Control for A/C, includes front also Door Open 5,  15 minute check out timer for overhead lights Oxygen Contents Gauge front and back

Inverter: Vanner, 1800 Bravo (with charger)

Air Horn System: BUELL: Left Air Horn: 12″ Strombos Horn, Chrome: Right Air Horn: 10″ Strombos Horn, Chrome

Cot Mount: Stryker, No 6390, Power Load

Vehicle Type: Type III
Vehicle Condition: Recently Delivered