2016 AEV Traumahawk Type III Chevrolet G4500 Diesel 6.6 Duramax

G4500  Diesel- 14200 GM 159 Cut Chassis Engine: 6.6 Duramax 6600 Turbo Diesel 

Snow Chains: On-Spot (GM cutaway), electric compressor

Body, Mod: Cut-away, 172″ x 95″ x72″ Interior Headroom: 74/72″ Finished Interior – Ducted A/C- Body Drop: 3″ Curbside AND Streetside, Ahead of Rear Wheels

Light, Compartment: LED, Intertek #ZY-156-LEDC

 Skirt rail LED Strip Lights, Kinequip KFL-SLRC8 Red/White – LED Ground Lights : (6) Kinequip White 8″ LED lights in Skirt Rails


Batteries: 3 – Battery System

XS Circuit Board, 12V: Multiplex LX1 G3/4500 LX1 Main Switch Panel Location in Cab Console:  Pt Area LX1 Switch Panel: One Standard In Patient Compartment

Inverter : Vanner 20-1050 CUL-DC – Full Mod

Air Horn System: BUELL: Left Air Horn: 12″ Strombos Horn, Chrome: Right Air Horn: 10″ Strombos Horn, Chrome

Cabinet I-2: To House Norcold Refrigerator 1.7 Cu Ft, 12VDC / 125VAC

Cot Mount: Stryker, No 6390, Power Load

S Regulator, Oxygen: Has LX1 Transducer

Vehicle Type: Type III
Vehicle Condition: Recently Delivered