2017 AEV TraumaHawk Type I Ford F-550 Diesel

Make: 2017 AEV X-Series LTD, Type I Ambulance

Chassis Model: 2017 Ford F-550. LWB, Diesel 4X4

Congratulations to Lexington Fire & Rescue and Chief Brad Webber on the delivery of their new 2017 AEV X-Series Ltd Trauma Hawk Type I Ambulance. This ambulance is on a 2017 Ford F-550 LWB chassis with a 6.7 L diesel engine and four-wheel drive. The ambulance is uniquely designed for the seasonal changes of the Midwest climate and to provide optimal patient care.  

Key Features:

  • 6” body drop on each side of the conversion ahead of the rear wheels.
  • Inside/Outside access to the street side rear exterior compartment.
  • Stair Chair pocket and retraining strap on the inside of the street side rear compartment door.
  •         Inside/Outside access into the curbside rear compartment for Auto Pulse access.
  •        Street side upper exterior electrical overflow compartment. This allows for more storage space in the street side mid-ship compartment.
  •        Push button and touch screen Multiplex System, with dual locations in the Patient Compartment. Each function independently of each other (Class1).
  •         Digital oxygen gauge and activation through the Multiplex System.
  •         Backup and Patient Compartment bullet cameras, both of which display through the cab Multiplex Switch Panel.
  •        Full modular power door locks, with a Tri-Mark curbside entry door keypad for locking & unlocking. Power door locks are tied into the OEM system and can be unlocked remotely via the key FOB.
  • Narcotics storage cabinet in Action Area, CompX eLock 100 Series.
    • Date and time stamps up to 2000 entry’s.
    • Up to 250 users, with individual identification credentials.
    • Keypad & Proximity Card Reader for employee identification.
    • Powered by double AA batteries, with backup power entry using a 9V battery.
  •        20 Amp Auto-Eject shore line.
  •        Liquid Spring hydraulic rear suspension.
  •        Day Bright LED lighting in all interior cabinets. This provides ambient lighting into the patient compartment for night time transfers and light sensitive patients.
  •        Stryker Power Load cot fastening system.
  •        Multi-point restraints in all Patient Compartment seating locations, providing a higher level of safety for patient care providers.
  •        Patient Compartment LED Dome Light Rail, with red LED feature. The LED Dome Light Rail concentrates light over the primary patient.
  • HVAC System
ACC HEPPA Max HVAC System Dual rows of ducted outlets in the Patient Compartment. ACC External Condenser located behind the AEV Artic Wedge on the front of the conversion. HVAC controls through the Multiplex System can be controlled from any switch panel location.      
  •        Two recessed overhead grab rails, one on the curbside and one the street side of the LED Dome Light Rail still allowing for a fully ducted HVAC System.
  •        Extreme weather insulation and Sound Deadening Package.
  •        Refrigeration grade insulation.
  •        Sound Deadening in the floors, walls, and ceiling.
  •        Curbside stepwell Urethane Froth insulation & Sound Deadening.
  •        Standard AEV insulation in addition to the above.
  •        Electronic privacy Auto-Shade window inserts in all Patient Compartment entry doors.
  •        Wilson Art Solid Surface Patient Compartment countertops.
  •        Exterior warning lights are all LED Federal Signal, to include the Federal Signal Vision Bar.
  •        Federal Signal Vision Bar has magnetitic driven rotators, with a Primary Warning light function, but also works as Take Down LED Lighting.
  •        Exterior scene lighting is Whelen M9 Series LED.
  •        Skirt Rails with side warning lights and integrated ground lights at a 45-degree angle.
  •        All exterior compartments have LED lighting.
  •        Custom Graphics Package, 1/3 wrap with 3M 780 reflective material.
  •        ARV Luster Laminate, which provides an additional layer of protection from sunlight, tree branches, and road debris.
      For additional information on this vehicle please contact American Response Vehicles @ (888) 448-8881.
Vehicle Type: Type I
Vehicle Condition: Recently Delivered