Craig Smith

Craig Smith

Regional Sales Manager, Eastern Missouri

Office Phone: 888-448-8881

Cell Phone: (573)-999-7008


As a fireman, paramedic and EMT, Craig Smith understands the needs of emergency responders first hand. In addition to his role as sales manager for ARV, he currently is captain of the Frontenac Fire Department in St. Louis County where he has worked for 15 years. Prior to that, he was a paramedic at Christian Hospital for 15 years. Smith decided to come on board at ARV after purchasing a fire truck for his station.

“The whole process of buying a truck through ARV was a positive,” says Smith. “They were thorough in finding out our needs on the front end, and delivery of the final product was exactly what we were expecting. They are such a quality organization that I wanted to be part of the team.”
Smith has a Bachelor of Science degree in business management from Phoenix University, is a St. Louis County Fire Academy graduate, has an associates degree in paramedics and is EMT certified.

According to Smith, one of the most gratifying parts of Smith’s job is the opportunity to give good customer service. “We follow up to make sure everything is complete. We don’t just make the sale and forget about the client, we make sure the customer is pleased with the product.”
Smith enjoys hunting, fishing, watering skiing and spending time at The Lake of the Ozarks with his wife and two children. He is also disciplined about sticking to his daily physical fitness workout.