2019 AEV Traumahawk Type I Custom Ambulance

2007 Frieghtliner M2

2012 Osage Type I, International Terra Star Ambulance

This 2012 Osage Type I ambulance is in good working condition with several key features.

  • Air Ride Rear Suspension
  • Back Up Camera
  • Custom Cab Center Console
  • Air Horns
  • Code3 Siren
  • LED Warning Lights
  • LED Ali Arc Light Bar with Take Down Lights
  • LED Patient Compartment Lights
  • Halogen Scene Lights
  • LED Fire Research Flood Lights
  • Kussmaul 20 Amp Auto Ejects
  • 1050 Vanner Inverter
  • 110v Patient Compartment Heater
  • Power Door Locks with Key Fob
  • Roll Up Door Over ALS
  • Child Safety Seat Integrated into the Attendant Seat
  • Dry Erase Board Above the Squad Bench
  • LoinPlate Flooring
  • Stryker Cot Hook and Antlers
  • Custom Paint Belt
  • Rear Reflective Chevrons


2018 AEV TraumaHawk Type I Custom X-Series LTD Ambulance

Congratulations to the Stoddard County Ambulance District on the purchase of your 2018  AEV TraumaHawk Type I Custom X-Series LTD Ambulance. Thank you for choosing to work with American Response Vehicles and our Staff. This Custom AEV ambulances host a series of custom features designed not only to provide a higher level of patient care, but provider safety.


2018 AEV TraumaHawk Type I Custom X-Series Ltd Ambulance

  • Freightliner M2 Chassis
    • Cummins 6.7L, ISB 250 HP
    • Allison 3000-EVS Transmission
  • All Exterior Compartments have LED Lighting
  • Electrical Overflow Compartment on Street Side Forward Upper
  • Zico Oxygen Tank Lift, Street Side Forward Compartment
  • Street Side Mid Ship Compartment Electrical Cabinet Inside Compartment
  • Street Side Rear Compartment Stryker Stair Chair Storage Pocket on the Compartment Door
  • Curbside Rear Compartment Back Board Storage
  • Curbside Forward ALS Compartment
    • Vista LED Rope Lighting
  • Rear Flip Up Bumper Recesses into the Rear Kick Plate
  • Battery Drawer Holding Three Battery’s Mounted below the Driver Side of the Cab in a Pull Out Drawer
  • Custom Skirt Rails with LED Warning and Ground Lights Integrated
  • Compartment Door Open Warning LED Door Lights
  • Exterior Warning and Scene Lighting Whelen M-Series LED
  • Custom Curbside Layout
    • The Curbside Design is Setup to Allow the Primary Care Provider to Remain Restrained While Providing Patient Care
    • A Secondary Patient can also be Transported on the Curbside by Folding the Attendant Seat Back Forward
    • The Curbside Attendant Seat has 4-PT Restraints and a Swivel Seat Base

2015 AEV TraumaHawk Freightliner M2

  • Body Drop both sides 6″ ahead of rear wheels
  • Condenser 12V : ACC  #25067 Dual fan low profile ILOS Medium Duty
  • M3 compartment (LR)
  • Custom extended front bumper by 9″
  • Battery Drawer under Cab M2 holds up to 3 Group 31 batteries
  • Rear recovery eyes (2) Chrome
  • Running board LED strip lights
  • Whelen M9 series LED
  • Whelen M9 series LED scene lights
  • Secondary Heat/AC  Duo-Therm Cool/Cat Heat pump
  • Inverter 20-1050 CUL-DC Full Mod
  • Zico OTS H-cylinder Lift ILOS