2015 G4500 Chevrolet AEV TraumaHawk Type III

Vehicle Overview


Vehicle Type:Type III

Vehicle Condition:Used

Additional Details

G4500 – 14200 GM 159 Cut Chassis

6.6 Duramax 6600 Turbo Diesel

Six Speed Automatic

Brakes: 4 Wheel Anti Lock 4 Wheel Disc

Wheel Simulators: Phoenix Installed over Steel Wheels

Cab Extension: 10 Inch- Allows full OEM Seat Travel +4″

Scene/Flood Lights Whelen LED M9 Sreies

M Series LED Warning LT System

Patient Area Camera

Left Air Horn: 10″ Buel Strombos Horn Chrome

Right Air Horn: 12″ Buel Strombos Horn Chrome

Custom Graphics

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